Project Star

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Khuntoria International Project, Notices

Updated 12.2.2010

To help iKhuntorians understand the what, why, hows of Project Star, I’ve created this post.  Please reply or contact us should you like to volunteer or have questions.  Updates will be in RED.

Project Star

Objective: To express our love, support, and unique perspective as International Khuntorians to Nichkhun and Victoria, Khuntoria.  Until further notice, Project Star will comprise of  the sub-projects listed below.
Style: Unique, personalized, heart-warming, meaningful, intriguing. Unlike the gifts usually given to Khun and Victoria, our presents will not be expensive necklaces, brand-name purses/bags, and other extravagant purchases. Instead, Project Star will reflect our uniqueness as International fans, and will use our thoughtfulness, heart-felt sincerity to touch Khuntoria.
Delivery: Christmas, 2010
Leadership Team (to date,  in no specific order, & with revolving roles): bbling (Leader), Paulapino (Chief Graphic Designer), Piemin (Graphic Designer), Kathykel (Translator), Ofeliaslie (Translator), Dainielly (Funds Manager), Ellainemyap (Accountant), Kgrl (Auditor/Adviser) , melodiousheart (Compiler), SNSDDave (Compiler), hnAcogN (Compiler), 7uckystar (Poll-er/Advertiser), 23 (Korean Contact/Final Deliverer)

Sub-Project: Khuntoria Star
We will be purchasing a star named Khuntoria for Nichkhun and Victoria.  Thereby the origin of our project name, Project Star. ^^ The leadership team would also like to design a card to go along with the Star Certificate.
Sub-Project Staff Needed: Purchaser, Graphic Designer

Sub-Project: Couple Gifts
For the time being, we will be selecting 2 couple items for Khuntoria.  Should we have more funds to purchase additional gifts, we can then consider more couple gifts.  Khuntorians’ gift suggestions have been voted for here.  We will be selecting those most feasible to obtain and most voted for making our decisions. *Couple Gifts have been finalized, for details and pictures, go here.
Team: melodiousheart, hnAcogN, 7uckystar
Sub-Project Staff Needed: Compilers/Researchers, Purchaser, Poll-er

Sub-Project: Photo Book
We will be compiling photos sent in to us by iKhuntorians to create a “Around the World” Photo Book for Khuntoria.  A detailed post of objectives and directions have been posted here.  This sub-project requires SUBMISSIONS from Khuntorians – or Nichkhun and Victoria will have nothing to see. 🙂
Team: Paulapino (Leader), Melodiousheart, SNSDDave
Sub-Project Staff Needed: Graphic Designers, Compiler, Advertisers (to urge Khuntorians to submit photos)

Sub-Project: Fan Diary
We will be compiling fan messages and any literary creations (poems, etc.)  sent in to us by iKhuntorians to create a “Our Love, Your Love” Fan Diary for Khuntoria.   Directions are posted here. This sub-project requires SUBMISSIONS from Khuntorians – or Nichkhun and Victoria will have nothing to read. 🙂
Team: Paula (Leader), Ofeliaslie, Kathykel, hnAcogN, melodiousheart, Kgrl, KTLurve Subbing Team
Sub-Project Staff Needed: Graphic Designers, Translators, Compiler, Advertisers (to urge Khuntorians to submit messages and literary creations)

Sub-Project: Khuntoria’s Charity
Any funds not used for our gifts and expenses will be donated to well-known international charity, Save The Children, on behalf of Khuntoria to help the Indonesian Crisis occurring right now and Thailand‘s recent October Flood (based on Khunnie tweeting about Thailand/Indonesia and Khuntoria’s love for children).  Proof of donation will be sent to Khuntoria along with the gifts. Though our donation may not be extravagant, but we hope it will be meaningful. Let’s do some goodwill for Khuntoria and help those suffering in this crisis. For donations, please go here.

Contact: Please email all submissions, suggestions, and questions to Please clearly state in your subject title whether it is a Submission, Suggestion, or Question.

Tentative Timeline
Nov. 06 – Submissions Extension Deadline
Nov. 30 – All Purchased Gifts Received
Dec. 01 – Fan Photo Diary Edited
Dec. 11 – All Gifts Wrapped/Finalized/Sent to Korea
Dec. 12 – Photo Diary Printing Retrieved/Project Star Complete (in Korea)
Dec. 13 – 30 Delivery to Khuntoria/WGM

We are looking for donations.  Often times, it is not how much you contribute, but if you contribute at all – and our Leadership team would sincerely appreciate any support Khuntorians can give us.  You may not realize that a word of encouragement, a suggestion, a submission is all it takes to lift our spirits and bring a smile to our faces.  So, please encourage us and our efforts with your support.  Let’s make Christmas a little more special for Khunnie and V this year. ^-^

  1. misha says:

    hye you guys!!!!
    greattt jobb!!!i love khuntoria

  2. nurie says:

    I love khuntoria…

    Can u give to link2 to watch WGM khuntoria couple…
    Eng sub…

    So its easier to watch…
    Just look on ur channel…

  3. mdpierrette says:

    i really luv this couple im not fluent in english but i know this website is for them, i don’t really get the concept but im still luv it.

  4. Avihu says:

    hiiii, i woul like to participate in the fan diary, could someone tell me where can i send my support mesagge??? have i to submmit frst??? thank u, Im from Peru.

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