Gifts Ballot – Closed

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Couple Gifts, Khuntoria International Project

First of all, thank you to everybody who gave suggestions for presents for Project Star! We have had quite a few suggestions, and have narrowed the choices down – based on uniqueness, quality, practicality, and Khuntoria-relatedness of the presents.  So let’s get voting!

Remember to only vote once for each poll!  Voting ends Oct. 20, 2010.

RESULTS: #1 Customized Aprons, #2 Couple Pillowcases, #3 Personalized Figurines

Due to our budget and practicality purposes we’ll be purchasing the Top 2 voted gifts of each section.  Updates will be posted should there be any changes. 🙂

Main Presents

Please vote for TWO presents that you would like International Khuntorians to get for Nichkhun and Victoria!

Here are the list of present suggestions, click to see a visual!

Health Bracelets
Red for Khun and Black for Victoria. May be customized, e.g. an addition of their names and/or our logo. Remember how hard they work – we can help them keep healthy!

DIY Figurines
We can design cartoon Khun and Victoria and turn it into figurines!

Bonsai Trees

Fruit Seeds
Remember Victoria’s love for nature and plants!

Personalized Couple Aprons –  HERE or  HERE
So Victoria can teach Nichkhun how to cook?! 😀

‘Name’ Photo Frame
Most likely to say something like ‘Khun ❤ Victoria’

Wooden Photo Frame
Filled with memories of each other!

Couple Pillow Cases
Sweet dreams in their new home!

Hello Kitty Wedding Gifts

Please cast your votes!

Side Present:

We will also be choosing ONE small side present:

Salt and Pepper Jar

Heart Lock Key Rings

Heart Shaped Wedding Lollipops

Please cast your vote!

Thank you for voting!


Though we hope to be able to purchase the three items with the majority votes, we cannot 100% guarantee that we will DEFINITELY be buying those presents. Everything is down to the funds/donations we get – remember we’re also getting a star named Khuntoria and printing two books (photo book and fan diary) and taking into account delivery costs – all of this requires money. We have raised quite a bit – thank you to EVERYBODY who has kindly donated so far, but it would definitely be a big booster to receive more donations! So, if you’d like to make sure we can afford all the presents, please donate! ^^ Details of how to donate can be found HERE

Thank you!

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