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Posted: October 3, 2010 in WGM
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     It’s been several days since the news of Khuntoria leaving WGM has been announced. Instead of feeling sad for myself, I feel heartbroken for Khunnie and Victoria. This show has been a place for them to experience, to do things idols can’t do everyday, to feel things openly that stars can’t usually feel…so to have this venue to feel, enjoy, and learn taken away from them…I am deeply saddened. 

      That said, it’s not the end of the world. Nor do I believe Khuntoria’s 1 year and 3 month journey is a falsehood and can be easily forgotten – they were each others’ so many firsts.  No matter what the future brings, I know what I feel when watching Khuntoria is real, and I know what they feel for each other is sincere. That’s all that matters.  I hope Khuntorians everywhere can take comfort in the endless joy Khuntoria has brought us and continue to wish them happiness and success. Have faith things happen for a reason. 😉 -Kgrl

It’s hard to pretend you love someone when you don’t, but harder to pretend that you don’t love someone when you really do.

For Khuntorians’ convenience, we’ve provided the links below for your viewing.  Please credit if you are reposting and do not reupload the videos without the subbing team’s permission. If you discover broken links or other places to watch WGM, please contact us or leave a comment.  Thank you and Enjoy!

Note: Out of respect for the subbing teams, we won’t be re-uploading these videos to other sites. However, if you have problems viewing these videos, simply go to online downloading sites such as clipnabber.com (copy and paste the video link onto these sites – may need to try several times for it to work & do not rename the file until after it’s downloaded), or DL free software like Dailymotion Downloader 3.25 (make sure to click on the green download arrow to start DL) to DL the videos for personal enjoyment.  : )  To DL Facebook videos, you may DL Orbit Downloader, then you click ‘tools’ then click ‘grab++’  (Suggested by Aufa). You may also DL Freerecorder4 to DL FB, Youtube, Dailymotion videos (Suggested by Mira Korean).

HQ W2D subs are available here. KTLurve, and IKhuntoria, does not have any affiliation with said site or it’s owner(s), nor responsible for any copyright violations. Download at your own discretion.

Eng Sub Credits: Wild2Day, Doong Doong Productions @ KhuntoriaLurve Tumbler **, Iamhotjaywalkerz Subs *
Raw Video Credits: semi-fly @ Soompi
06.26.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 1: RawPart 1 Part 2

07.03.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 2: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

07.10.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 3: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

07.17.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 4: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

07.24.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 5: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

07.31.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 6: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

08.07.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 7: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

08.14.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 8: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

08.21.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 9: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

08.28.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 10: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

09.04.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 11: Raw, Here

09.11.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 12: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

09.18.2010 WGM Horror Special Ep 13: Raw, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

09.25.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 14: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

10.02.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 15: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

10.09.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 16: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

10.16.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 17: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

10.23.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 18: Raw, Part 1 Part 2

10.30.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 19: Raw, Here ** ; Part 1 Part 2

11.06.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 20: Raw, Here ** ; Part 1 Part 2 (Katee Subs)

11.20.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 21: Raw, Part 1 Part 2Part 1 Part 2 (Hanayahoney Subs)

11.27.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 22: Raw, Part 1 Part 2; Here **

12.04.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 23: Raw, Part 1 Part 2; Here **

12.11.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 24: Raw, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 **

12.18.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 25: Raw, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 **

12.25.2010 WGM Khuntoria Ep 26: Raw, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3; Here *

1.01.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 27: Raw, Here Here **

1.08.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 28: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 **

1.15.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 29: Raw, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 (RM Subs); Here *

1.22.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 30: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *

1.29.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 31: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here (RM Subs)

2.05.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 32: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Here (RM Subs), Here *

2.12.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 33: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Here (RM Subs)

2.19.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 34: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 **

2.26.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 35: Raw1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2 **; Part 1 Part 2; Here *

3.05.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 36: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2 **; Part 1 Part 2; Here *

3.12.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 37: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2, Here (RM Subs), Here *

3.19.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 38: Raw 1 Raw 2, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *

3.26.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 39: Raw 1 Raw 2, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *

4.02.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 40: Raw 1 Raw 2, Part 1 Part 2; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *

4.09.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 41: Raw, Here; Here **; Here *

4.16.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 42: Raw, Here; Here **; Here (RM Subs)

4.23.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 43: Raw, Here; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

4.30.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 44: Raw, Here; Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

5.07.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 45: Raw, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here (RM Subs)

5.14.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 46: Raw, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

5.21.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 47: Raw, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **

5.28.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 48: Raw, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

6.4.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 49: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

6.11.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 50: Raw, Here; Part 1 Part 2 **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

6.18.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 51: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

6.25.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 52: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

7.02.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 53: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

7.09.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 54: Raw; Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

7.16.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 55: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

7.23.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 56: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

7.30.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 57: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

8.06.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 58: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

8.13.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 59: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

8.20.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 60: Raw, Here **; Here *

8.27.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 61: Raw, Here **; Here (RM Subs)

9.03.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 62: Raw, Here **; Here *; Here (RM Subs)

9.10.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 63: Raw, Here **; Here *

9.17.2011 WGM Khuntoria Ep 64 End: Raw, Part 1 Part 2 **; Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Kai2dayeo27 Subs)

*If links are not up, it probably means the subs have not been released yet.*

Video Upload Credit: vul3a04SNSD
Chinese Sub Credit: KVCN, F(x) China, F(x) Victoria
Chi Subbed Episodes Here

Raw Credit:
semi-fly @ Soompi
Eng Sub Credit: Doong Doong Productions @ KhuntoriaLurve Tumbler **, Iamhotjaywalkerz Subs *
101214 Strong Heart: RawVictoria Cut [Eng] **
101221 Strong Heart: RawVictoria Cut [Eng] **
2010 MBC Gayo Daejun Joint Performance: Raw
MBC Entertainment Awards Red Carpet: Khuntoria [Eng]
2011 New Year Couple Star Special: V’s Magic Show [Eng] **
110213 MBC Section TV: Nichkhun Cut [Eng] **

Ep 34 Unreleased Cut: Khuntoria **

110620 Cabi CF: BTS [Eng] *

  1. mina_mi says:

    is all the vids in daily motion? ive got some problem in playing the videos downloaded from dailymotion.. it wont play.. hope u can make anoither account for youtube.. pls pls.. we will download it fast that u can set to private after..so that it will not be deleted by the YT…
    pls ..
    thanks in advance..

  2. Junkykiwi says:

    Thankk you!! Made my life a lot easier!! ❤

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  4. Re-m says:

    thank you i love Khuntoria they are cut together

  5. dina jedidah says:

    Thanks for the wonderful subbed videos, but just a heads up, episode 19 was removed in YouTube. 😐 Can’t watch it anymore.

  6. :D says:

    Thanks alot, but Khuntoria ep 20 in chinese sub is deleted in Youtube. May i know when will Khuntoria ep 20 in eng sub be up?

  7. Pe3kAb0o says:

    wow…. just letting you guys know that i come to this site eveyday… looking for new updates… and that this page takes up my day!!! hehe… rewatching all the episodes!!! can we buy it as dvd later on?? when??

  8. katee says:

    hi.. wanna share my subbed videos too.. if you like. you can check it out my daily motion account, kateeee0000.. i only have ep 19 and 20 for now.. i personally subbed it.. and here’s the link for ep 19 p1.. http://dai.ly/dznpwj
    and you can see the rest of the videos in my channel..
    you can also download it thru megaupload

    *if posting links like this is wrong, please feel free to delete it..thanks!!!

  9. shiena says:

    pls help me icant dl he episode..

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Have you tried using clipnabber? Sometimes you need to try again to get it working.
      Firefox and Google Chrome both have applications that allow you to DL videos off the web pages. Try that?
      Good luck. 🙂

      • shiena says:

        yes ive tried the clipnabber… and its working… but i want to save it because i was to adding all the episode and create like movie (maker) (so i can watch all the episode and save for the future)… pls help me with this episode 11… thank u so much….

  10. Jordi says:

    When will ep 24 be up?

  11. Chelsie says:

    Hey, just wondering why it’s been so long but the subs for episode 24 hasn’t been released yet. Is there any problem?

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Due to the subbing groups’ availability and the multiple languages that needs to be subbed, ep 24 took a little longer. It has now been updated. Please be patient as we do update the blog as soon as Eps come out.

  12. parkjourney says:

    where is ep24??
    im waiting for it…

  13. raliugaoloj says:

    im wondering when ep.26 will be up. please notify me. thanks! khuntoria fighting!

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  15. maladroit says:

    thanks a lot for sharing it with us! btw, is there any way to download the video? i’ve tried several ways (clipnabber, keepvid, firefox add ons,etc) but it always failed in the middle. i always put together every episode and i couldn’t get episode 23-25. thanks in advance 😀

  16. doongdoonggirl says:

    hi! do you have a DL link for doongdoong subs from ep.20 onwards? i really love their subs! 🙂

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Unfortunately, we can not supply subbed videos for DL without the subbing team’s permission. Out of respect it is also better to direct Khuntorians to their sites/video links. 🙂

  17. Jenni says:

    I just found out about them and Ive been trying to watch from the beginning but it keeps saying stream not found!!!!!…

  18. Jenni says:

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    • ikhuntoria says:

      If you can not stream Dailymotion videos, try DL-the videos by copying and pasting the links into Keepvid, clipnabber, etc. Then use a player (VLC Player recommended) to watch it.

  19. Weilin says:

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    you’re the best!!

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    Can i know when will the ep28 and following release?? i cant wait! ^_^

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    i tired download thru clipnabber but cannot.. 😦
    My lappy dont let me download .. T_T

  30. stellar says:


    I was wondering why didn’t you have link on megaupload with eng sub? i really want to download the whole episode with eng sub, please help :(((((

    • ikhuntoria says:

      As stated above, out of respect for the subbing teams, we will not be uploading the videos to megaupload or other streaming/DLing sites. If this changes in the future, we’ll let Khuntorians know. 🙂

  31. zero says:

    Thank you so much for the video links! I haven’t been able to watch since episode 11. 🙂

  32. xoxo2PMxoxo says:

    Excuse me ,,, Help me please,
    Hey guys could you please tell me how can i find Eng sub for translate to THAI.

    I am new for trying to do Thai Subs so I want to know how can I find it !

    – I want Eng subs for insert to the program then i will translate to thai.

    Help me Please !!

    Thanks 🙂

  33. alex says:

    hello 😀 khuntorians!! ❤
    it's so nice that you made a webside
    so we can watch it with eng sub / chin sub!!
    but i have a problem :S i can't open the
    ep 29 part 1&2 with eng subs because it's deleted
    in dailimotion… can you please update it :D!!

    thank you
    love khuntoria!! kekeke~ ❤

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  35. annisaekti says:

    can you upload at youtube please ?? 😥

  36. MeMe says:

    After watching We got married on this Saturday I feel that Victoria is so adorable and lovely..<3

    She tell NichKhun something indirectly in this episode when they play the game and I think she reviewed and chose that words before they met.

    Let's guess the meaning that she'd like to tell NichKhun

    1st Question : Pyo Li Bu Dong = appearance and the mind is difference (NichKhun want to surprise her many time but everytime always start with lieing to her first to hide the surprise that he prepare. She does not like him to lie to her like that.)

    2nd Question : Hyun Mo Yan Chao = Good Wife (That's what she try to be for NichKhun and may be she want him to praise her like this sometimes)

    3rd Question : Mak Sang Mak Ha = Almost the same (NichKhun should be good husband to her like she try to be good wife)

    4th Question : Bak Jang Dae So = Clapping hand and laughing (She want to make him happy and funny when they live together)

    5th Question : il Pyon Dan Sim = Always same mind (Although she said she like other man idols but in her heart there is only NichKhun)

    NichKhun… There's always hidden meaning in what Victoria say and do. Sometimes she can not tell you directly because she is woman.

    What a lucky you are to have this lovely girl beside you,NichKhun… ;-D

  37. lin says:

    is this eng sub video ? i have dl it, but there’re no subs. thx

  38. phanith says:

    why it so hard to watch or to downloads khuntoria? Can you do it more easier to watch or downloads? I really want to watch this program.

    • ikhuntoria says:

      We’ve tried to make it as easy to watch Khuntoria as possible without violating subbing groups’ wishes and (some ^-^) copyright rules. Some restrictions are simply a result of the respective websites and the country/region you’re located. Sorry, can’t help you with that.

  39. xxx says:

    hey which episode is the one that they visit nichkun’s family? thanks

  40. bumssoindo says:

    why each wanted to download a video it always fails in the middle of the download process?

  41. bumssoindo says:

    especially the video from Dailymotion

  42. phanith says:

    Hi now i can downloads all the eps. Really happy!!!!!
    By the way! do you have any fan pages like this about funny couple?Thanks!!!!!

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    Hi why eps 31 don’t have part 2 ????
    That one is not part 2 .

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    i have been following this website since 2 months ago

    i wonder what happened for the last few weeks when suddenly wild2day didnt post up any vid ,
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    Hey guys, I was wondering…I can normally dl dailymotion vids..but these days I’ve noticed that RMSUBS post their videos on facebook. Is it possible to download fb videos? cause I’ve tried using clipnabber…it doesn’t work >.<
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    i think i should download a Flash, but i dont know which one to :/ any ideas?

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Yes, you should definitely download the latest version of Flash, but it looks like Vimeo has taken down iamhotjaywalkerz’s subs. For now, you’ll have to be patient for better subs from W2D and Doong Doong subs. Sorry, can’t help you there.

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    i miss khuntoria soo much.. when will ep 38 be released? 😀

  50. hongkifangirl says:

    atfirst i didnt want to watch this but thanks to you, im having fun now due to them, they are so cute! i bet they’re already real haha 😀

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    Thank you for creating this! I am absolutely addicted to khuntoria. Even though it’s a reality show and probably somewhat scripted, they really look like a couple with genuine feelings.

  57. IaneleC. says:

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    I cant access http://iamhotwalkerz.blogspot.com/ since i wasn’t invited. pleaase help me.

  58. Lakshmi says:

    We fans are very thankful! 🙂

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    Just letting you know, episode 38 part 2 has a wrong link (gives you episode 36 part 1).. it should but this one,


  60. min_nie says:

    hello. first of all thanks for always updating this page.
    i wanna ask. i really wanna download khuntoria ep for my personal view
    i think the video uploaded by mokhunvic03 is the best so far (for ep40 and above)
    sadly when i wanna download those video using clibnabber, it said i have no access and might need to sign in to download it. please tell me what shall i do.
    i really wanna have it in my computer TT^TT

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Try using the linked software, Dailymotion Downloader that I provided in the “NOTE” section above. You can only DL 1 file at a time, but it’s free. Good luck.

  61. Nicole says:

    How long does it usually take for a raw to be subbed?

  62. linus says:

    does ep 41,42,43 only have part 1 ?

  63. MIRA KOREAN says:

    u all can download video from facebook,youtube @dailymotion if u all download freerecorder4 at google….

  64. MzWaniez says:

    i’m new here but i’m searching for khuntoria episode with eng sub. i’m download a raw but no sub there. is that you only subbed for watch it online? thanks…

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Subbed videos are provided by subbing teams, so you can only watch them online. If you wish to DL the subbed videos, you’ll have to follow the “Note” section on top of the page.

  65. Sam says:

    I can’t wait any longer for the remaining episodes 😀 So excited! Thanks for the links!

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    Is ep 46 coming out ?

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    English subtitles Please also let me Raw Section Please …
    I care that you have subtitles
    Please … Please … Please … Please …. Please … Please ….

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    i wanted to know when is ep48 going to air?????? plz answer

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    hello 🙂 are all of these english subbed? i love this couple too much but i’m having hard time to download their videos..i hope the one you gave is better :)))

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    sorry but i think link of ep 31 part 1 and 2 are same,

  71. kyra says:

    how to DL the dailymotion ? thanks..

    • ikhuntoria says:

      Follow the “Note” section on the top of the page. If you’re still having problems, try to google directions or leave another message. Gd luck. 🙂

  72. Ryan says:

    When will wild2day release her subs from the episodes that is from other subbers? No offence, but I also prefer wild2day’s subtitles as it is much clearer, and somewhat better. Hope more episodes gets released and subbed asap! Thanks in advance.

  73. aciew says:

    khuntoria eps.51…
    im waiting for it…because im very excited for this couple 🙂

  74. Ryan says:

    Oh okay, However, the Episode 51 right now with RMsubs, is it just a minor part of it? And where can fans be able to grasp the latest news and details regarding Khuntoria couple? I don’t want Khuntoria to end ):

  75. aciew says:

    khuntoria will be end ? no…i dont want khuntoria is end…
    i love this couple so much… ;(

    • Ryan says:

      Most couples from WGM ended after their wedding photoshoot. In this case, Khuntoria’s wedding photoshoot is at Episode 51 if I’m not wrong ): It’s about to end.

  76. Hi, where can I download external subtitles for the raw videos?

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    I can’t open this O_o
    Can you help me??

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  81. kwon says:

    i read a rumor that saying khuntoria will leave WGM in October. isit true? i really hope that it isn’t true!!

  82. Xuanying says:

    This may be weird but thank u for sharing the hzgg sites!! I love hzgg and it’s amazing lol!! Ive been looking for it online but YouTube only have like sucky lq subbed vids. I hope ur links are good. Will try them when I have time hehe thank u so much

    (I love watching khuntoria as well)

  83. mandy ^^ says:

    is it really true that they’re leaving in october? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THIS COUPLE IS SO REAL!!!!

    • ikhuntoria says:

      That’s a rumor. There are no confirmations. However, all Khuntorians must know that their departure will come one day. We just have to be enjoy this beautiful story for now. 🙂

  84. Dudii says:

    Thank you very much! *0*
    I wan’t know… which ep is when they go on Honeymoon?
    *sorry for my bad english*

  85. i really really like khuntoria couple…. i hope that i can meet both of them one day… so fighting…. we will support you….^_^….

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    Thank you so much. This couple is fun to watch!

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    The link for ep 16 is the same as link 15
    do you have ep 16?


  90. MzWamiez says:

    Can you upload eps 60 in multiupload.com. I can’t download it with MU. Thanks for considering…

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  96. Mao Ben says:

    110917 [Eng] sub we got married p2~at 05:35, V:We also have to return the car?!!!!Khuntoria still have another date?

    • ikhuntoria says:

      I think she was just lamenting that everything has to be returned, including the car they have come to know as theirs. As for another date…we can always hope, especially considering the many clues Khuntoria have given us recently. Check KhuntoriaLurve Tumbler if you’re curious.

  97. Xavier says:

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    Ive Been watching Khuntoria from this website from beginning to end!

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    though their WGM run already came to an end, we still have this place to come back to whenever we miss them^^

    Stay Healthy!
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    Cannot downloaded on episode 1, it says File Not Found.
    Also same as part 1 on Dailymotion.

    What should I do?


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