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Updated 1.22.2011
IKhuntorians’ fan health bracelets have been produced! Refer below to Update 11.13.2010 for specifics. I’ll try to answer any questions, but probably won’t be much help, so if Khuntorians have any purchasing questions you may contact our Khuntoria bracelet Sponsor for answers here. ^-^

Updated 12.17.2010
Project Star has been successfully delivered! Khuntoria Cafe helped us hand over our Khuntoria Star Certificate personally to PD Jung to be used for news release, which will be handed over to Khunnie and V afterward. Our other gifts were handed to JYPE staff, which Khun has confirmed on Twitter his receipt of Project Star gifts. It looks like Khuntorian is the official fan name. ^-^

Updated 12.13.2010
Our Korean Deliverer has received Project Star! In time and mint condition. More updates will be posted once delivery is complete.

Updated 12.07.2010
We have obtained a new Deliverer in Korea due to our previous deliverer being unavailable. Printing and shipping are going to be rushed in order to meet a new 12.15.2010 deadline, which will increase our expenses. This deadline was tentatively set due to Khuntoria’s 200th Day. Further details, unfortunately, can not be disclosed until things are confirmed.

Please support us by continuing to donate and tweet to all those involved regarding Project Star (Update 11.3.2010 below).  Thank you and we appreciate everyone’s contributions and encouragement!

Updated 11.13.2010
Great news! A special group rate has been given to us for the iKhuntorian health bracelets! We will not be charged a set-up fee of $100, or logo machine etching of $900, and any other fees associated with the usual company/group orders.

Price: $39.99 USD per Medion Bracelet (engraved with iKhuntorians’ logo)
Color: White (We can all wear this color and reserve Red & Black for Khuntoria? It stands for peace & matches with anything)
International Shipping: $30 USD (Tracked & Express)
Order: Bio-Health Jewelry (BHPlus)   -> Online Here
Payment: Credit Card/Paypal Accounts/Multiple Currencies

There are different options for U.S. shipping, but International (non-US) destinations are set at $30 for express, tracked shipping.  Perhaps fan clubs in certain regions/countries can bulk order the bracelets, then distribute amongst yourselves to save on shipping? The first batch of 50 health bracelets is available now, so order soon!

Updated 11.6.2010
We have a contact who has a friend in the WGM staff.  She will try to arrange for our Korean Deliverer to go personally to a filming in December to give the gifts to Khunnie and V.  If a personal on-site filming delivery is not possible,  at least WGM will help us deliver and will be fully aware of our Project Star. I think we’ll get to see our gifts appear in WGM. ^_^

Updated 11.3.2010
It looks like Chinese Winnie fans have found out about our Project Star and are overwhelmingly supportive as well as impressed with it all, here – especially with our thoughtfulness, creative designs, and “coolness” of presents. :lol: We have even gotten many requests to purchase the personalized bracelets, which I’m in the process of researching to see if we can purchase it at a group rate. Let me know if you’re interested.

A few Khuntorians/Winnies have also stepped forward to spread the word to Korean Khuntorians and WGM staff on our behalf. We’re trying to get WGM Staff involved with the delivery of Project Star – there is a chance that this is possible as our Korean deliverer will attempt to personally deliver this to Khunnie and V – who knows, it may even get broadcasted. :D The PStar staff is also working on getting Khun and Minjae-ssi aware of our PStar through twitter. Please help us tweet the below message until the Project is delivered on Christmas:

International Khuntorians will be delivering *Project Star* presents in December 2010. Please look forward to it (Minjae-ssi) (Khunnie-ssi)!

해외 인터네셔널 쿤토리아 (닉쿤-빅토리아 커플) 팬들이 올해 12월 달에 *Project Star*를 전달할 예정입니다. 민재님과 쿤님, 많은 기대 해주세요.

Updated 11.1.2010
Woohoo! We’ve finalized all the gifts! Can’t wait to see all of this in their house/on Khuntoria!

Khuntoria Star 

Customized Aprons 

Personalized Health Bracelets

*Sponsored by BioHealth Jewelry (BHPlus Kr.)* Couple Pillowcases 

Couple Tees 

Updated 10.31.10

After some consideration, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for fan submissions to next Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010. This will be the last deadline and no more extensions will be given for submissions, so please do not procrastinate and submit your messages/photos as early as possible here and here.

We have also received a special sponsorship from BHPlus (based in S.Korea) for 2 personally engraved health bracelets, sample here, for Nichkhun and Victoria.  These health wristbands relieves muscle fatigue, helps stabilize body temperature, promote blood circulation, improve of appetite/digestion, promotes homeostasis, and stimulate mental concentration.

Bio-Health Jewelry (BHPlus US), will be sponsoring us with 1 Red Medion Bracelet with Nickhun’s name engraved, and 1 Black Medion Bracelet with Victoria’s name engraved, as well as our International Khuntorians logo etched on both bracelets.

Fan Photo Diary: We will be combining our photo book and fan diary together to reduce printing/delivery cost, and make it easier for Khun and Victoria to read.

Updated 10.30.10
We have updated the lists of Khuntorians who have submitted fan messages/literary works here, and photos here – please scroll to the bottom of each page to see you name.

Please resend your entries due to pictures being too small: queenie-mhin, Tressia (from soompi), eunice, jennifer from singapore and kyoko1202

*If you do not see your name on the list but sent in photos. Then please re-send the photos because we might not have received your submissions.

**PS from Paula: Not all pictures are guaranteed to be used in the final photobook if you sent in multiple shots. =)

***We will update the blog later with the list of Fan Diary Entries that have been received.


In behalf of the LT of Project Star and Khuntoria, a huge thanks to everyone who sent in their submissions and supported the project.
Let us hand in hand continue to support our beloved couple in WGM, Khuntoria~! – ellainemyap from LT

Update 10.23.2010
As many of you know, our gift ballots closed with our #1 voted gift as customized Aprons (designs are being completed, will be posted soon), and #2 as Boldloft Pillowcases. Our Project Star team have been confirming the practicality, uniqueness, and Khuntoria-relatedness of our gifts in light of current events. And we would like to select personalized, engraved health bracelets for Khuntoria as our second larger gift. It will promote Khunnie and V’s health during their hectic schedules, be unique to Khuntoria with our engravings, fashionable/not burdensome, and be personalized with Khun and V’s names. Please support us and Khuntoria in Project Star? We appreciate any and all contributions/comments. 😀

Project Star will be finalized and wrapped in Singapore.  We’re asking all Singaporean Khuntorians to join in on the wrapping/finalization party in December. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Kathykel @ Soompi, or simply email us at khuntoria_ifc@hotmail.com.

We’re currently looking for contacts going to Korea in December or in Korea to help us deliver/confirm Project Star’s receipt.  If you have any contacts, please email us or leave a comment below. We appreciate any help. ^-^

Lastly, we need your fan messages and photos! Please show Khuntoria that there are many International Khuntorians who love them just as much together as individually; so send in your well-wishes for their health, success, and happiness.  Let’s shower them with touching encouragements! Go Khuntorians! Submissions Deadline: Oct. 31, 2010.

Let’s get this project going! And of course, where is your fan message/photos for Khunnie and V? 😆 Feel free to PM the staff for questions, or simply email khuntoria_ifc@hotmail.com for your submissions.

  1. iamferful says:

    Hi there, i actually sent you my submissions on October 30th.. im not sure if you have seen it though cus my name isnt on there.. :s

  2. 90DegreesBow says:

    I`ve sent the links of my pictures this morning (I uploaded them to my imageshacks because it was a bit hard to attach them on my e-mail) have you received my e-mail yet?

  3. namemelydia says:

    I sent mine in (photobook and fan diary) but I don’t know if you got it?
    It was like 2 days ago I think.

  4. niki says:

    everything’s cute

    really love the bracelet,tees and pillow

  5. abeiL sun ah says:

    ooo i want the bracelet … 🙂

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