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First of all, thank you to everybody who gave suggestions for presents for Project Star! We have had quite a few suggestions, and have narrowed the choices down – based on uniqueness, quality, practicality, and Khuntoria-relatedness of the presents.  So let’s get voting!

Remember to only vote once for each poll!  Voting ends Oct. 20, 2010.

RESULTS: #1 Customized Aprons, #2 Couple Pillowcases, #3 Personalized Figurines

Due to our budget and practicality purposes we’ll be purchasing the Top 2 voted gifts of each section.  Updates will be posted should there be any changes. 🙂


We’ve gotten many wonderful ideas on what couple gifts to give Khuntoria. Project Star team will start compiling suggestions sent to us or posted at Soompi Vickhun thread here for iKhuntorians to see – this post will be continuously updated.  The leadership team will choose those most voted for and feasibly obtainable gifts to be purchased and given to Khuntoria.  Please contact us should you have suggestions!

P.S. If you’ve previously suggested items but it is not compiled here, please let us know. We may have missed your post – some of us may need new glasses. ^-^