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First of all, thank you to everybody who gave suggestions for presents for Project Star! We have had quite a few suggestions, and have narrowed the choices down – based on uniqueness, quality, practicality, and Khuntoria-relatedness of the presents.  So let’s get voting!

Remember to only vote once for each poll!  Voting ends Oct. 20, 2010.

RESULTS: #1 Customized Aprons, #2 Couple Pillowcases, #3 Personalized Figurines

Due to our budget and practicality purposes we’ll be purchasing the Top 2 voted gifts of each section.  Updates will be posted should there be any changes. 🙂


Project Star

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Khuntoria International Project, Notices

Updated 12.2.2010

To help iKhuntorians understand the what, why, hows of Project Star, I’ve created this post.  Please reply or contact us should you like to volunteer or have questions.  Updates will be in RED.

Project Star

Objective: To express our love, support, and unique perspective as International Khuntorians to Nichkhun and Victoria, Khuntoria.  Until further notice, Project Star will comprise of  the sub-projects listed below.
Style: Unique, personalized, heart-warming, meaningful, intriguing. Unlike the gifts usually given to Khun and Victoria, our presents will not be expensive necklaces, brand-name purses/bags, and other extravagant purchases. Instead, Project Star will reflect our uniqueness as International fans, and will use our thoughtfulness, heart-felt sincerity to touch Khuntoria.
Delivery: Christmas, 2010
Leadership Team (to date,  in no specific order, & with revolving roles): bbling (Leader), Paulapino (Chief Graphic Designer), Piemin (Graphic Designer), Kathykel (Translator), Ofeliaslie (Translator), Dainielly (Funds Manager), Ellainemyap (Accountant), Kgrl (Auditor/Adviser) , melodiousheart (Compiler), SNSDDave (Compiler), hnAcogN (Compiler), 7uckystar (Poll-er/Advertiser), 23 (Korean Contact/Final Deliverer)



iKhuntorians Photo Book:

Khun and Victoria seems very keen on unique, sincere gifts, so we’re going to highlight our members diverse backgrounds in this sub-project.  This Photo Book will be special as they won’t have received it from other fans before. And we want to stand out!! :lol:

So what is it about?