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Khuntoria’s Charity has been decided! Any funds not used for our gifts and expenses will be donated to well-known international charity, Save The Children, on behalf of Khuntoria to help the Indonesian Natural Disasters Crisis occurring right now and Thailand‘s recent flood (based on Khunnie tweeting about Indonesia/Thailand and Khuntoria’s love for children).  Proof of donation will be sent to Khuntoria along with the gifts.  Though our donation may not be extravagant, but we hope it will be meaningful.  Please click on the logo below for Save The Children website.

Please donate and encourage helping those suffering and in need? To donate, please go here.

Donation Certificate
Credit: receloveskhuntoria

If you have read what Project Star is about, you’ll know that our Fan Diary is crucial in displaying our diverse iKhuntorians’ backgrounds and sincerity.  With material gifts being readily given to Nichkhun and Victoria every day, we want to present gifts to Khuntoria that are irreplaceable and bring a heart-warming, touched smile to Khunnie and V.   So, please take a few minutes to think of what you would like to say to Khuntoria, what you would like to express to them, and write it down – in your most fluent or preferred language. ^-^