Staff Contact

Please email all submissions, suggestions, and questions to Please clearly state in your subject title whether it is a Submission, Suggestion, or Question.

Should you have questions or concerns pertaining donations and Project Star Funds, please email the Fin Com.
Finance Committee
Dainielly (Funds Manager):
Ellainemyap (Accountant):
Kgrl (Auditor):

Khuntoria_ifc Twitter

  1. Christine says:

    Hi there, I am very interested to join you for the projects but I have a question, how are you going to deliver the presents to Khuntoria? Thanks

    • ikhuntoria says:

      We’re contacting Korean Khuntorians to help us deliver this package, as well as other back up plans like iKhuntorians who are going to be visiting Korea around Christmas. Let us know if you have any contacts or suggestions. 🙂

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