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Finance Report

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Finances
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iKhuntorians: Here is where I’ll be updating all finance reports, including donations received to go toward our Project Star Fund – subtotaling every 10 donors.  Please check the below report to make sure your donations have been received and is accurate.  If you have made a donation and do not see your name, please contact the Finance Committee! We need confirmation on your preferred ID name, so we can credit you for your donations.  We humbly Thank You for your generosity!


For those who do not have a Paypal account but would like to donate, here’s a quick tutorial in creating an account. ~ellainemyap


Donors: Please send a message to ellainemyap at soompi (Accountant), or email her at, the amount, date, and email address you used for your donation, so she may verify with dainielly (Funds Manager) its receipt.

Note: In an effort to protect the privacy of donors, the email address would only be used as a means of confirmation.  It will not appear in any financial reports that the committee will post. So please set your minds at ease.